Duck Race 070715

After a gentle reminder from Russell that I still hadn’t got off my lazy behind to get this sorted I enlisted the help of Richard Jones and Harry Gregson to race the ducks. The venue was Cadnant River, just below the mill and the swimming pool. The three Llangoed players (naming no names) who had said they’d come along promptly vanished to have a splash in the pool when it became clear there were some girls up there so it was left to me, Rich and Harry to prepare the racetrack. We had chosen a fairly narrow stretch of the Cadnant as I had done this once before at Afon Cefni in the Dingle Llangefni and had nearly drowned so this time I was taking no chances. Rich Jones strung an old net across the river and we kept a beady eye out for Natural Resources Wales vans who may have thought we were poachers. Harry waded upriver and then on the whistle dumped 120 of nature’s finest plastic ducks into the water. Anglesey hadn’t seen this many fowls since we last played Bodedern ;). They were surprisingly quick and I almost missed getting to the finish line to pick out the winners as I was caught up in taking photos of these majestic creatures. The race over, all there was left was to crown the winning ducks on a homemade podium. The winners will have to wait until Thursday evening to discover that they are the lucky ones. Until then, Quack Quack.