Vs Llanfair Celtiad 300917

Llangoed FC 3-3 Llangoed Celtiad

Scorers for Llangoed were; Jay Finter (2), Kieran Owen

Man of the match goes to Jay Finter.

Thanks to Richard Jones for the Match report this week


Llangoed welcomed Llanfair Celtiad to a wet morning kick-off at Bryn Paun. Both teams were unbeaten coming into the game, so the pressure was on both teams to maintain their form.

The game kicked off at 10:30, with the rain pouring down, but both sides seemed up for the fight!

As expected, Llanfair came at us from the whistle, and used their size to try and overwhelm us. The first 5 minutes saw the game being played almost entirely in the midfield and in the Llangoed half with a few speculative shots from the Llanfair side early on.

With the early pressure being entirely one way, it was almost inevitable that Llanfair would score, and on the 6th minute they did.  Again, some poor decision making in the Llangoed defence, allowed Llanfair to slot an easy one in the bottom corner.  0-1 to Llanfair.

With groans from the Llangoed supporters, it looked like Llanfair would maintain their unbeaten record against us, and 2 minutes later it looked almost certain! A carbon copy of the first goal, and the crowd feared a rout was in the offing.  0-2 to Llanfair.

The Llanfair manager was in fine form, and the volume of his instructions were reaching a such a level that they could probably hear him in Llanfair.

At this point, the game could have gone one of two ways, either we give up and make the visitors look good, or we shake ourselves down, dig deep and regroup. Thankfully, the lads went for the second option, and found another gear.  The Llangoed lads, showed some true grit and determination and seemed to wake up. Some solid midfield work from Sam and Josh stunned the Llanfair side, and we started to gain more and more possession.  A beautifully worked line of passing found Jay in line with the Llanfair back row, and he turned the last man and slotted home a sweet goal on the hour. 1-2

For the next 10 minutes the game went back and forth with chances from both sides.  But neither side could break down the other’s defences.

Half time and cracks seemed to be showing in the Llanfair veneer!

Llangoed came out for the 2nd half with a spring in their step, and were already in their positions for a full 2-3 minutes before Llanfair emerged from the changing rooms. I looked like the supporters from both sides were going to be in for a cracking 40 minutes.

We didn’t have to wait for long.  Another Llangoed attack earned us a corner, and Nathaniel neatly whipped in a floating high ball.  Which found an unmarked Kieran on the back post, who volleyed home for the equalizer.  2-2.

We had a game on our hands, and nobody could take their eyes off the field.  The whole team raised their game another notch, and for the next 34 minutes we had Llanfair pinned back in their half, and certainly on the back foot.  The tension was very real, and the lads played with a belief that they could win this game, and it was all Llangoed. Only their keeper kept them in it.

On the 35th minute of the second half, a free kick from Llanfair was pushed away from Shaun and went out, for what we all thought was a corner ball. With the Llangoed defence walking away to regroup for the corner, the Llanfair strikers had other ideas with no referee’s whistle, and scored to regain the lead.

The Llangoed faithful where furious with the decision of the referee to award the goal. However, the lads picked themselves up and played on with only 5 minutes to go.

From the spot kick, Llangoed never lost possession and passed the ball around the pitch, just waiting to find the chance.  On the 38th minute, a neatly slotted pass from Lewis, found Jay in space and he calmly shot over the keeper to level the score. 3-3

Llanfair were stunned and losing their shape, which only went to help Llangoed in attacking from all areas of the pitch.

The Referee blew for full time, and you could almost hear the sigh of relief from the Llanfair side. I have no doubt that if we had had extra time, we would have solidly beaten the more mature Llanfair side.

Some usual Llangoed lack of concentration in the first 20 minutes and a dubious decision from the referee cost the Llangoed lads a victory, but the lads showed some real team spirit and fight to earn a draw.

Not one of the lads had a bad game today, and showed that when you play for each other, the goals will come…All the lads should be very proud of themselves as they played out of their skins.  I don’t envy the coaches in picking a Man of the Match!!